How large of an item can you rotate?
If you can lift it, we can rotate it. If you can't lift it, we might be able to rotate it - it's probably best to call and discuss the options. We love a challenge, and welcome the opportunity to push the limits of what's possible!

How much capacity do you have for large/complex projects?
We'll give you an estimate of how long it will take to complete your project. If it's especially large and will require some investment for us to complete, we'll work closely with you, so you know exactly what's involved and how long it will take.

Can I get the source images to make my own animation?
Yes. This is an option, and will be described on the quote you receive.

Can I request changes to the "preloader" animation?
The "preloader" is the small simple animation with the grey bar which displays while the rotating image is loading. Sure, you can request changes to it, we'll let you know what we can do - simple changes are easy to accommodate. If you want something especially complex, we can put you in touch with a Flash expert to develop a custom solution.

Do you do Flash design beyond what's shown on the web site?
While we do have some basic Flash design capabilities, our primary expertise is rooted in photography. We can put you in touch with a Flash expert if you have a special request. You can work directly with them on a custom solution.

Where can I get the latest Flash plug-in?
From Adobe at:

Do you do traditional photography as well? (i.e. non-rotatable images)
Sure, that's how we got started. If you want a still image of your item(s) in an environment, or a close-up of a particular feature/aspect, just let us know.

Which factors determine the quote/fee?
Primarily, the setup time required for the item(s), the number of frames you want, any options you select, any special requests, and the shipping cost of the item.

Where are you located?
Our studio is located in Hillsboro, Oregon - in the Portland, Oregon metro area. But, our clients are from all different locations. It doesn't matter where you're located - if you can ship it, we can do it & ship it back. is a service and trademark of Jonathan Ley Photography - all content of this web site is copyrighted